1975: Danelle Mengedoht-Cush

Alumna Danelle Mengedoht-Cush (Class of 1980) kindly shared her memories of Trident Academy for the year 1975.  “We had a trailer for our gym class and I remember having to run through the cemetery for exercise. You used to have to drive through the cemetery to get to the school,” according to Danelle.  The school would receive complaints from the cemetery’s management when students would speed through the grounds. “I wasn’t old enough to drive then, but I remember the teachers reminding the students who did drive, to slow down,” Danelle stated.

Reminiscing further, Danelle said, ” One of my favorite teachers was Mr. Gettys — he was so kind and patient and he played backgammon with us. I also remember my math teacher figured out that the boys in my class were copying my test answers because I always got As. He gave them a different test than mine and when they all failed, they realized what he had done, and it solved the copying problem.  The memory boards were great, too.  You would trace C-A-T over what felt like sandpaper, say it out loud, then write it down, over and over.  I use that same kind of repetition and memorization to help me now.”

“Looking back now, I realize how fortunate I was in my parents, who understood that I needed a different kind of schooling to learn. I couldn’t spell and if it hadn’t been for Trident Academy, I never would have graduated. I appreciate Trident Academy being here for me.”

tridentat45, dyslexia

Danelle’s 1975 yearbook photo

tridentat45, dyslexia

Danelle in cheerleading mode

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