1977: Memories from Art Flowers

The year was 1977; Jimmy Carter was President and Stars Wars was breaking box office records.  The Trans Alaskan Oil pipeline opened, Voyager I and II were launched to explore the outer solar system, and the United States returned control of the Panama Canal to Panama.  In that year, Arthur Manning Flowers, III, was a graduating senior along with 20 of his classmates.  We appreciate Art sending us his memories to include with our reminiscences.

“I will never forget that ‘new school building’ smell and all the mud after driving down the dirt road to get to campus. Col. Kimbrell, was the Headmaster, back then and had us packing the mud holes in the parking lot with all the leftover oyster shells from the school’s oyster roast, that year.”

Art remembers moving into the newly constructed building in the Fall of 1975. The original building included the current office, gymnasium and lower and middle school classrooms. In the 1976-1977 school year, Trident Academy had (full and part time) 61 faculty, 8 staff, and 199 students, including Art’s senior class.

Art Flowers' senior yearbook photo

Art Flowers’ senior yearbook photo

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