1984: Memories from Edwin Gerace

When I went to Trident I was a teenage boy trying to figure out who I was. I had to figure it out without my parents, and with the other lingering issue of being diagnosed as learning disabled was out there for me to figure out. Trident did two things for me.

First, was that I had to trust my parents decision that the best solution for me was Trident, and I had trust Trident that they would show me and teach me how to start learning differently. I didn’t have a disability; I had a learning difference. Looking back as a parent, this was a huge and difficult decision to send your child away and trust these educational professionals. They put me into the environment that was best for me and challenged me to succeed. I remember distinctly asking what I had to accomplish to get back home. The answer was, from what I remember, was to get my class skills up to a certain level. I was developing friends and relationships at the same time trying to work to get back home. I was able to do this in three years with the support of Trident and the faith of my parents

Second part of the journey was, I had to define who I was. I had to do this at sometimes on my own; the other times were with the support of Trident and mostly from my Trident Dad, Rick Ferencz. Many nights I cried myself to sleep thinking I was never going to a “normal” kid. There were numerous nights having discussions with Rick that he called “meeting of the minds.” These were gut-check sessions/truth talks. They made me think and decide if I was going to go through life with a disability label or was I going to grow and live and understand that there are areas that I am not strong in. I chose the latter. My grandfather and my father would also tell me “nothing in life is free.” So, if you want it, go for it. Maybe that is why I enjoy sales.

With the educational direction and support from Trident, and my belief and passion to succeed, I was able to succeed. My comments to any students that have learning challenges is to find your niche, find what your good at, double-down and do it well. You can do whatever you want if you want to, and if you have limitations, then find another way to solve the problem. There is more than one way to skin a cat. Find your way to shine.

Edwin Gerace

Attended Trident Academy 1983-1986

1984 YB Photo E. Gerace

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