2016-2017 After School Programs

After School Coordinator: Lauren Suman, lsuman@tridentacademy.com

This year Trident Academy will be offering 4 after school programs. The programs will follow Homework Haven and students will be released at 5pm, Monday through Friday. Parents/Guardians may sign up students for one, two, three, four, or all programs offered. Each program will be held weekly and can accommodate everyone K-12. Nominal cost per hourly session to be determined. As soon as cost is finalized, information will be provided. For more information, please contact the After School Coordinator, Lauren Suman, lsuman@tridentacademy.com.

The programs include:

  • Coding: while working on the computer, your child will be guided by a trained professional to learn the “recipe” that computers can understand. Coding can be used as a tool to learn problem solving skills, and creative thinking skills. Coding allows practice for the creative side of the brain, unlocking the potential for creative thought. Your child will gain further knowledge that is used daily in careers, and in addition, will develop an idea of what they would like to do in their own career in the future.
  • Voice/Drama: Introduction to improvisation, facial expression, body language, and stage presence through basic dramatic techniques. Incorporate basic vocal exercises in melody and harmony. Combine the two and prepare musical theater performance pieces!
  • Dance: Introduction to basic dance movements and choreography from various styles of dance including hip-hop, contemporary, tap, and acrobatics. Explore exercises in improvisation and repertoire to help build teamwork, self-confidence, and strength!
  • Free Friday: Students will FREELY expand their minds as we explore everything from gardening/cooking to making slime! We will work on various arts and crafts, such as making posters, friendship bracelets, and so much more. During Cosmic Kids yoga, your child will go on a journey, expanding the mind while stretching and exercising the body. We will also expand our minds with things like book club week, in which the children will share about books they have read. These are just some of the many examples available on Free Friday with Ms. Lauren!

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