3 Reasons it’s OK to change Schools Mid-Year

Even when your child is struggling in school, you may hesitate to change schools in the middle of the school year. It’s understandable – moving is a big decision.

Trident Academy admits new students year-round. In fact, about a quarter of our students started at some point other than the first day of school.

Janet Jones, Trident Academy’s director of Orton-Gillingham Instruction, gives three reasons why changing schools mid-year is a good idea.

1. Your child can get help immediately.
Early intervention is vital for any student with a language-based learning difference or autism spectrum disorder.

“When intervention in reading and spelling is needed, it is important to start as soon as possible,” Ms. Jones says. “Just a few months can make a huge difference for a child – not just in academics, but also in self-esteem. Progress is made more quickly when students start receiving the help in kindergarten and first grade. The sooner the better.”

2. Build your child’s confidence.
Because lessons are individualized at Trident Academy, every student will experience success.

“Many students are discouraged or frustrated in school when they are unable to do the required work. “ Ms. Jones explains. “When they receive individualized instruction, they develop the confidence that accompanies success and mastery. This in turn, makes them more available for learning. Within the first few weeks, parents often notice a change in their child’s feelings about school.

3. Everyone is used to welcoming new students.
At a school with rolling admissions, it is not unusual for teachers and students at Trident Academy to welcome new classmates during the school year. Students often experience relief when working with other students who struggle and need to be taught differently.

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