3 Ways to Prepare for a New School

Enrolling your child in a new school is a big decision, especially if the change is in the middle of a school year.

Janet Jones, Trident Academy’s director of Orton-Gillingham Instruction offers three things you can do to make the transition smoother.

1. Understand your child’s learning difference.
Find as many resources as possible to help you understand your child’s learning difference. Use this information to help explain to your child how he or she learns and about the diagnosis itself.

“It’s important for parents to explain to their children that they need to be taught to read and spell in a different way,” Ms. Jones explains. “Sadly, children often feel stupid or lazy when they are unable to do the work requested of them.”

Trident Academy offers a Lending Library with over 150 books and journals on learning differences for you to borrow free of charge. We also regularly host panel discussions and other educational opportunities for you to attend for free.

2. Talk positively about the new school.
Your entire family must show confidence in the new school. If you have concerns or questions, discuss them privately. Your child needs to feel that everyone thinks this is the best place for him/her.

3. Explain what will be better about the new school.
Help your child understand why he or she is moving to a new school. If your family is new to Trident Academy, you can explain that our teachers will teach your child to read and write the way he or she learns best. The classes are small and your student will be with others who learn in a very similar way.

“For the first time, many of these students won’t be asked to do things they cannot do,” Ms. Jones says. “Tell your child that, and what your hopes are for the new school.”

To learn more about the nurturing environment or admissions process at Trident Academy, contact Niki Leiva by email or call her at 843.884.3494.

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