3 Ways We Extend the Day

Even after the final bell has rung for the day, the campus is still teeming with energy, laughter, and learning. This year, we offer two new programs in addition to Homework Haven, which launched in 2005.

Athletes-In-Training (AIT) is coordinated by Jenny Pringle and assisted by Julia Carter. The program takes place from 3:45-4:45PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and offers a wide variety of sports throughout the year. While there is no cost for AIT, if a child remains on campus for the program, he/she must attend Homework Haven for that day, for which there is a $12 per day cost.

AIT helps students focus on their individual talents in specific sports, examine other prospective schools’ sports programs, and build liaisons with other school coaches. All efforts of AIT are to help our students procure a promising future as an athlete providing them with the skills they will need at the next stage of their academic careers whether it be at Trident Academy or another school. Areas of concentration will be individual skill work, cooperative group skills, and overall fitness.

The AIT activities planned for this year are as follows:

  • September – Fitness Fun!
  • October – Football
  • November – Volleyball
  • February – Fitness Fun & Basketball
  • March – Soccer
  • April – Tennis

With the grant from the US Tennis Association, AIT will now have new junior tennis rackets for its participants.

Also new this year is the STEM program headed up by Lauren Suman. It is held Mon-Thurs (school holidays and early dismissal days excluded), from 2:50 – 4:50PM. The acronym stands for:

S — Social development in areas of play and leisure, making friends, conversation skills, appropriate behavior, initiating play, back and forth play, reading cues from others and much more.

T — Thematic play that will assist in creative expression of social, emotional and intellectual outlet for students who have trouble with traditional ways of managing and expressing thoughts and emotions.

E — Emotional regulation and self-awareness will help students acquire emotional control, intuition and assist with understanding the emotions of others. Facial expressions, body language and expression outside of traditional emotional regulation exercises will occur as well.

M — Motor skills will highlight gross and fine motor development. Whether your student needs help with learning how to skip or learning how to properly hold a pencil. These skills will be developed and mastered throughout this program.

With a cost of $1125 per quarter or $4500 per year, the program is geared toward helping students obtain new social skills, acquire thematic skills, and work on emotional regulation and expression in conjunction with motor skill acquisition. Research suggests that providing creative outlets for children in the form of drama, play, and exercise can help foster sound mental judgment and decisions for the future.

Homework Haven
In addition to her AIT responsibilities, Jenny Pringle will also coordinate Homework Haven this year. Homework Haven is an opportunity for Trident Academy students to work with a Trident Academy teacher on organizing and completing their homework in a structured setting. Most students are able to finish their work in one hour. Homework Haven meets Monday through Thursday (excluding school holidays and early dismissal days) from 2:50 until 3:50. The cost of the program is $12 per day, $375 per qtr, or $725 per semester

If you are looking for an after school program, one of the above may be the solution for you. For more information, please contact Lael Byrd at lbyrd@tridentacademy.com.



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