4th Grade Classroom Contract – Outside the Box

Fourth grade students in Peggy Price’s class have entered into a classroom contract for the 2012-13 school year. Mrs. Price is asking students to have “Five Things Ready”: listening, raising a quiet hand, do your best, be responsible, and respect others.


The students and Mrs. Price then discussed what was expected of each other. Here are some highlights:



Students are allowed to:

  • Always listen
  • Raise a hand and wait for the teacher to call on you
  • When you do raise your hand quietly, be patient


Students are NOT allowed to:

  • Sound like a monkey when you raise your hand
  • Glue Ashlin’s homework to the ceiling
  • Throw spit balls at the teacher


The teacher is allowed to:

  • Be fun and spontaneous
  • Have a pizza party with balloons
  • Let us dissect a frog. Coleman has pocketknives she could borrow.


The teacher is NOT allowed to:

  • Give too much homework
  • Be mean
  • Let us ride dirt bikes in the classroom


By creating a contract, our teachers are empowering students to be responsible for their classroom environment and building the kind of learning environment that allows them to learn best.

Now – about those frogs….

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