Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Trident Academy combines classroom-based approaches with one-on-one intensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methodology in its educational approach for students with Asperger-like attributes. The frequency and duration of the one-on-one components of the program are faded throughout a student’s tenure in the program, with the end goal for each learner to function independently in a Trident Academy classroom. This process allows for a more successful transition into mainstream classrooms around the Lowcountry.

The special nature of the Trident Academy program for students with Asperger-like attributes is specific to the needs of students on the highest end of the autism spectrum. Such advanced learners may be considered as socially atypical, despite their relatively typical intelligence, verbal skills, and adaptive behavior. Conventional learning environments may place these students in classroom settings that offer either too little or too much support. The individualized, ABA-supported educational approach at Trident Academy ensures each student’s specific needs are addressed and supported, while also reaching student autonomy.

The Trident Academy programs are research-based and are supported by years of effective evidence. Data is continuously recorded and regularly shared with parents about their child. This team approach guides the ever-evolving progress students make.