Admission to the School for Asperger’s/HFA

We love the immense response to The School for Asperger’s/HFA at Trident Academy since its launch last month. Child psychologists, ABA therapists, school administrators, and others continue to share their praise for this much needed program in the Lowcountry. Families from New York all the way down to Beaufort continue to inquire about admission to this new division at Trident Academy.

As we finalize the details of the admissions process, we highly suggest that families ensure their child has completed a psychological-educational evaluation within the last three years. This evaluation provides us with an understanding of the child’s learning profile and cognitive capacity. Families are also encouraged to share additional information, such as notes from ABA therapists and IEPs, to further build our understanding of the child.

In addition to submitting the psychological-educational evaluation, school transcripts, and notes from therapy sessions, families can look forward to their child completing a Shadow Experience. This is an exciting opportunity for the teachers of, and the applicants to, The School for Asperger’s/HFA to get to know each other better in an academic environment. As we define the particulars of the Shadow Experience, we anticipate building social stories to share with applicants to help ease the transition for applicants.

To learn more about the admissions process, contact Niki Leiva, the Director of Admissions and Marketing. She can be reached by email at or by phone at 843.884.3494.

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