Welcome to Trident Academy, a place where emphasis is placed on helping students grow both intellectually and socially with the help of carefully designed multi-sensory and individualized curriculum. Your family has likely engaged in numerous conversations about your child’s intelligence, ability, and personality. You know that your child has much potential, but that no one has yet been able to help your child unlock that potential. Whether your child struggles with reading, writing, math, ADHD, or even social interactions, our teachers at Trident Academy can help your child become an independent and confident learner.

The Admissions Process

The Trident Academy experience is based on a running dialogue with our students’ families from the very first day. We want to understand your child’s history so we can help shape your child’s future. What does your child struggle with the most? What are your goals for your child? These are important answers that help us better understand whether Trident Academy is the most appropriate school for your family.

To begin the process, you may call to schedule a tour (843-884-7046) or you can submit an application. The application requires educational assessments such as a psychological-educational evaluation, as well as academic records and recommendation letters from your child’s teachers and/or specialists. If your child’s application suggests that Trident Academy is an appropriate school for his or her needs, he or she will be invited to shadow our classes for two full and consecutive days. This shadow experience will help our admissions committee develop an admissions decision.