Alumnus chooses Trident Academy for his son

“Trident Academy changed my life and now it is changing his.”


Eddie Street is a 1988 Trident Academy graduate. He’s a successful entrepreneur who has launched two companies with plans for expansion. He’s also the father of Robbie, a second grader at Trident Academy.


“I became a better, more confident person at Trident Academy and now I’m seeing the same changes in Robbie. I watch him walk into school with a smile on his face and I see myself.”


Eddie says his high school years were some of the best of his life. When his son Robbie was diagnosed with visual auditory learning challenges, Eddie remembered the immediate change he underwent at Trident Academy and enrolled his son.


In just one year, Robbie is reading at a second grade level and can dissect words at a 12th grade level. His math and science skills are still well above average. Most importantly, he’s gained self-confidence and is showing a desire to join team sports.


“The teachers at Trident Academy give you the confidence to succeed and they build on each level of success. I went from being afraid to speak in front of just a few people to speaking in front of my class to presenting in front of the entire school. Those skills go beyond the classroom – they translate directly to my career.”


Eddie graduated from Wingate College with a major in communication and a minor in business. He launched Street Construction, then seven years later he designed and developed Duck Bottom Plantation, a private outdoor sporting club that caters to corporate guests interested in sporting, nature and conservation programs. He’s now planning a new concept.


“More than half of the students I graduated with are entrepreneurs,” Eddie explains. “I think it is natural for Trident Academy graduates to become entrepreneurs because we work so hard to succeed in learning, that when we graduate, that drive for success is still there. Plus, the teachers show you how to become a self advocate so you are more aware of your strengths and how to use them for success.”


A family choosing a school once is significant, but choosing it twice speaks volumes.

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