Another Summer Enriched

Trident Academy’s Summer Enrichment program has helped students for more than a decade, and the 2014 program was one of the best years yet.

Designed for students struggling with language, reading, and/or math skills, the four week program is based on the multi-sensory principles of the Orton-Gillingham approach.

“One student with a weakness in short vowel sounds was able to recall the vowel, the keyword and the sound for all five vowels by the end of the four week program,” explains Elizabeth Alexander, OutReach Director. “Every student who attends Summer Enrichment has a similar success story. Learning to apply concepts and strategies independently when they return to school in the fall will serve them well in the classroom.”

A pretest determines the proficiency level of each student and serves as a diagnostic tool for teachers. Remedial skills may include letter/sound reinforcement, decoding strategies and spelling concepts as well as written expression and reading comprehension. Math reinforcement may include basic addition and subtraction operations as well as building the automaticity with math facts. At the end of Summer Enrichment, teachers meet with each parent to discuss the progress made (over the four week program) as well as options for continued support.

While most of the students who attend Summer Enrichment are not regularly enrolled at Trident Academy, they receive the same Orton-Gillingham based instruction that students receive throughout the school year in Language Enrichment and Development (LEAD) classes.

“Summer Enrichment provides students with an opportunity to learn in a multi-sensory environment, that they may not have experienced otherwise,” Ms. Alexander explains.

With a diagnostic and prescriptive approach to learning and individualized instruction, the program continues to grow each year. To learn more about this program, contact Ms. Alexander.

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