Art Students Create CARO-LINE

Date: 9/9/2011


Trident Academy Middle and High School art students each left a mark on a nine-foot long alligator. But, don’t worry – they were just using tempura paint and Sharpie pens – and the alligator is cardboard. “CARO-LINE” is an alligator they made to learn the basic element of line in art.  Line, color, shape, texture, space and form are the elements of art that they will be exploring this year.

“CARO-LINE is a fun project where the students can work together using a different format to help them remember,” says Will Hegler, art teacher. “I want them to ask themselves: What is a line? What types of lines are there? How are lines used in art? And it just seemed natural to create a nine-foot long alligator!”

The gator was divided into sections and each student came up with a line pattern for their particular section. The students discussed lines in nature and how patterns of lines can imply texture.

Below CARO-LINE, the students included the text explaining what they are studying – because lines of course, form letters and words. “A line is the extension of a point. It is a basic element of art. Lines are used to create shapes, define space, and imply texture. Lines can vary in thickness and form patterns. Contour lines and horizon lines are two important kinds of lines used in art.”

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