Camp Seahawk Review

This summer, 21 campers joined Trident Academy for its first summer camp for students with learning delays and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Camp Seahawk welcomed children ranging from four to 14 years old, promising a 3:1 student-teacher ratio. Campers enjoyed days that focused on academics, social skills lessons, and extracurricular activities.

006Mornings would begin with an academic focus in which goals were created specifically for each child based upon parent requests and academic testing. Social skills lessons were interwoven into the morning, during which children with learning delays or ASD were grouped with neurto-typical campers to complete activities or other exercises. Activities included equine therapy with LEAP, music therapy with Palmetto Music, art, sports, yoga therapy, and robotics. Each day was broken into three parts. To wrap up the day, campers had a variety of extracurricular activities which balanced the academically-focused morning curriculum.

All campers showed an increase in independent responding and 75 percent of participants demonstrated an increase in conversational statements and appropriate behavior.

019One participant’s parent says, “I can’t believe how far he has come this summer even with a few setbacks at home. I knew you could help him.”

“The academic support our campers received has placed them more closely to neuro-typical peers,” explains Camp Director Courtney Thames, BCBA. “We’re looking forward to seeing how Camp Seahawk has prepared students to transition back from camp.”

Communication with parents was an important component and a newsletter was sent home each week with updates, pictures, student interviews, and homework assignments for parents to help their children. The homework focused on areas of motor development, concept formation skills, social skills, and community readiness skills.

Stay tuned for information about next summer’s Camp Seahawk!

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