Celebrating Transitions

Trident Academy is thrilled to celebrate the transition of three students from our School for Language-Based Learning to traditional schools. In the fall, two third-graders and one-seventh grader will enroll at Charleston-area schools armed with the tools for success.

“Once students learn to apply the strategies we developed with them to meet their learning needs, their confidence grows tremendously. That is when we know they are ready for transition,” says Sandi Clerici, interim head of school.

When asked what they’ll miss most about Trident Academy, the students said they would miss their friends, and will remember all they learned.

Over the past year, Trident Academy has created a culture of staff supporting the transition of students out of Trident Academy and into traditional schools. The parent-teacher conference format was changed to a team approach that places each child’s abilities and needs at the center of the discussion. This gives parents a clear picture of their child’s learning abilities so an educated decision can be made about the future.

Trident Academy teachers and administrators also conducted an area-wide investigation of schools so that teachers can advise parents on the best possible next step for their child’s successful transition from Trident Academy.


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