Computer Science Class Teaches Students to Succeed

“Technological advancement is all about trial and error,” Simpson says. “Many students with learning differences are familiar with failure, and are excited to learn that in computer science, errors are expected and embraced – they are part of life and career. No program or design works in every environment and students learn to identify their goals and adapt their program or design accordingly. Robotics is a great example of failure as part of a successful process.”

Trident Academy’s computer science classes teach fundamentals starting with the internal and external components, basic trouble-shooting, networks and how they are used, the difference between an intranet, the internet and the World Wide Web, how computers communicate with one another and the protocol they use. Once the students have a better understanding of what a computer is and does, the students explore what it can do for them by starting with photo editing and graphic design, then web design, 2D programming, 3D programming and finally robotics.

“Our computer science classes are designed to provide everyone some aspect they will enjoy. The techies excel in computer science, the artistic types excel in graphic design and the mechanically inclined are always ahead of the game when it comes to robotics,” Simpson explains. “And what the students are learning will translate directly to careers. With the basics of HTML and JAVA coding, students can make a basic website. The robotics skills prepare students for a hands-on career or to become an engineer. If students are uninterested in a computer science-related career, they have still become more effective troubleshooters that will come in handy if something goes wrong with their iPads, computers or other devices.”

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