Early Intervention is Key to Success in Reading

Studies show that children who receive intervention to remediate their reading problems before entering the third grade have a higher chance of being able to read on grade level. Each year that a family waits to receive help, the probability of success decreases.

“Children develop bad habits to try and cover up their problems with reading,” says Trident Academy Primary Teacher Barbara Waterstradt. “When you can get them in early and teach them useful strategies to sound out words for reading and spelling, they have a strong foundation going forward.”

Building a Strong Foundation
Students who come to Trident Academy in the primary grades are highly likely to develop the strategies necessary to transition to a conventional school. Two students who transitioned out of the third grade last spring are reportedly doing very well in their new school and on standardized tests. Both started at Trident Academy in first grade.

“Our main focus is on teaching strategies,” explains Mrs. Waterstradt. “Then the students will be able to read or spell any word, no matter how complicated. Once mastered, they can take these strategies anywhere with them.”

Renowned dyslexia expert Sally Shaywitz offers tips for knowing at an early age if you have a struggling reader: http://dyslexia.yale.edu/PAR_EarlyIntervention.html

At-Home Strategies
The most important thing parents can do at home is to sit down every night and listen to their child read. Repeated reading is also very important to improve fluency and comprehension. Mrs. Waterstradt says, “I tell my students they must reread a story several times – it is like practicing free throws or playing catch. Practice, practice, practice!”

If you suspect your young child may be a struggling reader, schedule an appointment with the expert faculty at Trident Academy. We offer free screenings that help identify struggling readers and various resources that will support your family. To learn more about early screening opportunities, email the Admissions Director at admissions@tridentacademy.com.


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