Environmental Science Field Trip

Trident Academy juniors and seniors will be taking a four-day field trip to the Green River Preserve School of Environmental Education. This trip will help to lay the foundation for everything the students will study this year in environmental science, while also including other disciplines.

The Green River Preserve is a 3,400-acre camp in Western North Carolina and is the location of the head waters of the Green River. During the trip, students will learn about edible and medicinal plants, tracking, stream ecology, forestry, and animal life. The students will go on at least three hikes on the Preserve, led by naturalists who have worked at Green River Preserve for several seasons. In addition, there will be afternoon activities and evening programs after dinner.

“A key of multisensory learning is translating topics across multiple subjects, so students will be doing more than just science on this trip,” says Julia Carter, Trident Academy science teacher. “I will be incorporating English/Language Arts through required journal entries throughout the field trip and we will also read The Way of the Forest by Hawk Hurst before leaving. In addition, we’ll cover a brief history of the area with information on both Pioneers and Native Americans.”

To ensure all students are able to participate, the cost of the trip will be paid for by Trident Academy.

For more information about Green River Preserve, visit their website at http://www.greenriverpreserve.org

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