45th Anniversary

Trident Academy will celebrate its 45 Anniversary in February 2017. To commemorate this wonderful occasion, we are compiling a retrospective from 1972 onward to capture your special Trident Academy stories and memories. This is your opportunity to build an archive of the school’s history. Below is a list of suggested topics that may knock loose a memory or two. To submit your stories, visit our Retrospective Collector.

  • What is your fondest memory of Trident Academy overall?
  • How would you describe our students? What do you see as their strengths?
  • What do see as 3 characteristics of a Trident Academy teacher?
  • How many relatives or friends do you know who have attended Trident Academy? Please include yourself in the total, if applicable.
  • How have you been involved with the school over the years (ie., parent, Trustee, student, etc.).
  • How do you feel about your own involvement with the school?
  • What do you think that Trident Academy has meant to the community over the years? What would our community have been like without the school?
  • Is there someone whom you think best embodies the spirit of Trident Academy?
  • What is your favorite Trident Academy story or student success.

Submit your stories today.