Expanding the Classroom Through Lexia

Trident Academy students have an additional resource for learning both in the classroom and at home. Our faculty introduced Lexia Reading Core 5 to Trident Academy students last Spring. Lexia is a computer-based program aligned with the Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence and is carefully monitored by Trident Academy faculty.

According to www.lexialearning.com, “real-time student data is captured and reported to teachers for planning instruction and helping students reach grade-level benchmarks.” Having piloted Lexia since March, all Trident Academy teachers are fully engaged in the integration of the program to reinforce our Orton-Gillingham based instruction.

Data are collected on a real-time basis, identifying areas for improvement. As this collated information is gathered, teachers receive optional lesson plans and practice sheets for the student based on his or her progress. “This individualization helps our students and teachers work smarter, not harder, reaching goals more quickly and creating more self-actualized independent learners,” shares Kathy Cook, Head of School.

Trident Academy students who struggle with learning differences or autism have shown a significant benefit from the multi-sensory, diagnostic, and prescriptive instructional approaches with Lexia. “We believe that this program and practice will provide our students a positive, fun opportunity to reinforce, and perhaps accelerate their learning received here at Trident Academy,” says Suzanne Knowlton, director of the Lexia program.

Lexia serves as a supplement to in-class instruction but also allows students to strengthen their skills at home in 10 or 15 minute increments. “Some of our students who consistently worked on Lexia this summer advanced their skills by an entire grade level,” said Ms. Knowlton. “Just as in sports, the more time a student spends practicing his or her skills, the better the student performs.”

To register for this program, or to learn more, contact Suzanne Knowlton at suzannek@tridentacademy.com.

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