Four Reasons to Consider Trident Academy for Middle School

1. High school grades matter.
Take advantage of the expertise of Trident Academy teachers. They have educated over 1,300 students, instilling in each of them the knowledge to be their own self-advocate. After transitioning out of Trident Academy, students understand how they learn as individuals and are able to ask for the classroom accommodations they need.

2. Build confidence before high school.
Within the first few months of starting at Trident Academy, nearly every parent comments about the dramatic increase in their child’s confidence.

Students with learning differences may often struggle socially and with feelings of self-doubt. The social pressures that come with high school can intensify these feelings. Spending time at Trident Academy helps students build their self-confidence and develop respect both for their own accomplishments as well as their peers.

3. It’s a chance to catch up.
Information is presented to students at a far more rapid pace as they progress through school. Oftentimes, students with learning differences may struggle with the amount of new information and the pace at which it is taught, thus falling further behind. Even just one year at Trident Academy will help them master the concepts that teachers will build upon in the coming years.

4. Pave the way for success in high school.
Middle school can be used as a time to start over and for a student to learn to love school. The small class sizes at Trident Academy provide students with an opportunity to build confidence, regain their academic footing, and shed any anxiety or stress they may have.

For more information about Trident Academy, contact the Admissions Office at or 843.884.3494.

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