Our Impact

With an established reputation for effective programs for students with learning differences such as dyslexia, Trident Adademy’s immersive approach makes a critical difference in each child’s ability to learn.

Last year, our students with the language-based learning differences improved reading scores by +28%.

By the Numbers

66% — With early diagnosis and early intervention, the lifetime costs to families with children with learning differences may cut by 2/3 or more.

1 in 5 — Children identified with dyslexia

“The cost of prevention or intervention to resolve children’s problems is almost always less expensive than the cost of failing to serve them.”  2011 report from the SC Joint Citizens & Legislative Committee on Children.

Workforce Implications

Business people know the importance of education over the long term for our children.  The children’s future careers and lifetime earning abilities are tied to their ability to learn effectively.  The broader impact includes our local and state economies and producing a skilled workforce.


“A Godsend! I can’t imagine where we would be without Trident Academy!” 3rd grade parent

“Best thing that ever happened to me!!!” Alumna, transitioned in 1986

“Even after 20 years, I can still see the impact Trident Academy has had on my son.  It gave him the self-esteem, confidence, and life-skills to pursue his dreams and become the success he is today.” L.B., Parent of an Alumnus