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Any donor giving $1,000 or more annually will become a member of the 1972 Society. As a member of the 1972 Society, you will receive recognition and invitations to special events.

Trident Academy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and your gift is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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Why Your Annual Gift is Important

Because tuition does not fully cover the expenses incurred by Trident Academy each year, we also ask for philanthropic gifts which support our mission and provide resources which benefit our students. As with most private schools, these gifts are needed to meet our annual expenses, and to improve and add programs and facilities for our students. Without additional funding, we wouldn’t be able to provide students with cutting-edge programs, assistive technology, tuition assistance, and other elements that comprise a first-class education.

“Even after 20 years, I can still see the impact Trident Academy has had on my son. It gave him the self-esteem, confidence, and life-skills to pursue his dreams and become the success he is today.” Parent of an Alumnus

Gifts from Parents

Throughout the history of Trident Academy, generous supporters have made annual gifts, in varying amounts, as well as having given for comprehensive facilities improvement programs. This level of commitment is essential to meet our financial obligations, enhance and expand our programs and facilities, and plan for the future.

Ours is a school founded and supported by many generous families who have given throughout the years. Your child is benefiting from the philanthropic support of donors whose children and grandchildren have long since graduated from Trident Academy. These families made giving to the school a priority to ensure the success of our school. We are asking our current families to continue in this tradition, for current and future generations of Trident Academy students.

Where Our Money Comes From

Trident Academy receives money from these sources: tuition and other fees, contributions from trustees, parents, alumni, faculty and staff, grandparents, friends, foundations, community organizations, and auxiliary sources such as parent organizations (TAPA).

How Your Annual Fund Gifts are Spent

Within the Annual Fund, beginning in the fall of 2014, gifts may be made for the following four broad categories:

  1. Academics and teaching for the Language-Based Learning Differences program.
  2. Academics and teaching for the Autism Spectrum Disorder program.
  3. Scholarships and tuition assistance
  4. Unrestricted

Unrestricted gifts help underwrite the school’s operations and areas of greatest needs. Gifts may also be restricted for other purposes or projects. Restricted gifts are used only for the purposes for which they were given.

“After working here for six years, I have seen how our students respond to individualized, multi-sensory, “customized” teaching. For example, I’ve watched a particular student grow so much in confidence. I knew him as a kindergartener in another school I was working at. He was timid, unsure, confused. I’ve literally watched him blossom over the years (he’s a 5th grader now).” Current Teacher