Grant Opportunity is Extended for Another Year

The Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children (ECENC) was renewed this month. As a result, students with exceptional needs across South Carolina have access to financial assistance for a private school education which specializes in students with learning differences. Patched together by a network of organizations including the Educational Oversight Committee, the South Carolina Department of Revenue, and county school districts, the ECENC opportunity was a blessing to a number of families across South Carolina. In fact, 24 Trident Academy families received an ECENC grant this year.

Independent Ed has worked diligently behind the scenes to connect politicians, public schools, private schools, and families to make this opportunity a reality. Families interested in learning more about the status of the proviso and its future are encouraged to reach out to the staff at Independent Ed.

Visitors to can also find details about eligibility requirements to receive a grant, the schools approved to participate in the ECENC program, as well as the scholarship funding organizations that provide grants to students. Two such organizations currently exist to serve students attending independent schools like Trident Academy: Palmetto Kids FIRST and D.E.S.K. Questions about applying for or donating to the scholarship funding organizations can be best answered by the organizations themselves.

On behalf of the families who have received such generous grants, Trident Academy extends its gratitude to everyone who has made this program a reality.


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