Happy New Year from Trident Academy

January 7, 2016
Happy New Year! As I reflect on the events of the past year, I cannot help but marvel at how
blessed I am. This time last year I was busy working with six students, helping them navigate
through their various school courses, homework, papers and exams. I was happy helping my
students. By April, everything had changed. I was asked to return to Trident Academy to help
lead the school. I was thrilled then and continue to love being back, working with outstanding
faculty and staff and getting to know and love our 43 amazing students.

As I look forward to more great things in 2016, I am confident of the following:
● Trident Academy remains the premier school in the lowcountry for students who learn
differently. No one in the area offers this intense Orton­Gillingham educational program
specifically designed for the individual student.
● Trident Academy is growing! Please continue to spread the word; it is through you and
your stories that others come to know and understand the value we bring to students
who struggle in school.
● Trident Academy is more affordable thanks to the generous grants given through the
ECENC by Palmetto Kids First (PKF). Every family who applied to PKF received $10,000
toward this year’s tuition.
● Trident Academy is committed to helping students achieve academically, socially and
● Trident Academy faculty are willing to go the extra mile for their students, doing whatever
it takes to help our students achieve.
● Trident Academy students work hard!

In 2016 I resolve to:
● do everything in my power to increase awareness of the quality education offered at
Trident Academy.
● provide a safe and structured environment for our students.
● provide support to our teachers as they work tirelessly to help our students.

Please join me in helping make 2016 a great year for Trident Academy!

Betsy Fanning

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