Homecoming Engages All Students

CheerBBallTrident Academy’s Homecoming is an exciting annual event that brings students, faculty, and alumni together to celebrate the basketball season.

The homecoming game will be held on January 29, 2013 at 6 p.m. during our final home game against James Island Christian School.

Homecoming is an exciting tradition for all students at Trident Academy. Girls from ninth to twelfth grade can choose to participate in the homecoming court, where a queen is elected.

Participation of activities is seen all week prior to the game, including spirit day where students show their Trident Academy school spirit, and college day, where students wear clothes to represent their favorite college.

Mattea Weinberg is a senior who is running for homecoming queen.

“My favorite thing about homecoming is the week leading up to the game,” Weinberg said, “we get to be involved with everyone and all our activities are just so fun.”

Lael Byrd is the registrar and outreach coordinator for Trident Academy. Byrd is in charge of coordinating the activities for homecoming week.

“Homecoming is an event that really brings the entire school together,” Byrd says, “The Middle School basketball players and cheerleaders are truly part of the excitement that evening. And Lower School students participate in the activities all week and then come to the game to cheer everyone on. There is not an open seat in the gym on Homecoming night!”

Homecoming is also an opportunity to build confidence for students. The activities throughout the week encourage students to participate in activities and reach out to each other in order to create a meaningful homecoming.

“I am running for homecoming queen because I have never done anything like it before. I wanted to try something new,” Kennedy McGinnis, freshman, said.

Homecoming 2013 will be bittersweet for Trident Academy. Beginning in August 2013, the school will shift its focus to kindergarten through eighth grade students.

The Homecoming tradition as it is now will fade, the athletic program will continue, allowing for a new event.

Senior basketball player Alex Blum said that playing basketball for Trident Academy has been an honor for him.

“It’s going to be an emotional night that will mark the end of an era, but we’ll look forward to the opportunity to build a new tradition,” Byrd said.

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