Importance of Literacy

Collins VisitTrident Academy students got to hear firsthand from the author and illustrator of a recently published eight-book children’s series. Art Collins, author, and KC Collins, illustrator, talked with students about the importance of literacy, using their books as examples.


“This was a really great experience for our students, especially since KC is the daughter of Sally Collins, our art teacher, and Art is Mrs. Collins’ brother-in-law,” says Trident Academy Librarian Mary Silgals, M.Ed., MLIS. “The connection and their experience really brought reading to life for our students, and gave our older students insight into possible careers.”


The Adventures of Archibald and Jockabeb series  (Telemachus Press, 2012) chronicles two young brothers as they grow from twelve and eleven into their mid-teens, together with the harrowing adventures they experience along the way. While the settings change from book to book, the two brothers always meet fascinating characters—some good, and some evil; some human, and some anything but; some from this world, and some otherworldly beyond belief. As the boys grow older and travel across the United States, and to faraway places like the Amazon, the Caribbean, the Arctic, and the Orient, they learn the true meaning of friendship. Read more about the series here:


Art Collins is retired from a successful career as chairman and CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but he didn’t write the book on leadership that many had expected he would. In addition to serving to the boards of directors of four large corporations, Mr. Collins currently advises a private equity firm, serves on the boards of two academic institutions, and is involved in several charitable organizations.


Award-winning artist KC Collins didn’t hesitate when her Uncle Art asked her to illustrate the Archibald and Jockabeb series. Her ethereal landscapes and portraits have won numerous prizes at art shows and exhibitions —including several at the Piccolo Spoleto art festival in Charleston, South Carolina and the Festival of Masters in Orlando, Florida. KC currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina, and continues to show her work at art festivals and exhibitions around the country.

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