In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb!

We’ve already had lots of wind, blowing us around and March has just begun! As the weather changes so do things at Trident Academy. I am awe struck at how much our children have grown this year. Every day it seems that a taller child walks in, a more confident student strides forth, an “insurmountable” task is accomplished! We are winding up our third quarter this week. Students are busy with last minute projects and papers; teachers are reflecting on progress as they write their reports; and I am already knee deep in next year’s planning. There’s lots of stuff “blowin’ in the wind”!

As many of you are aware the State of South Carolina has provided a mechanism for tuition dollars for “exceptional needs children” through a tax credit, (ECENC). Donors to “special funding organizations” are eligible for these credits. The special funding organizations in turn, release funds to eligible schools to help relieve the burden of tuition. We have received money each of the three years this program has been in force. Palmetto Kids FIRST has contributed the most with hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Trident Academy students and families. Once again the South Carolina general assembly will be tweaking the ECENC proviso. Earlier this school year we met with several of our congressmen at the school. They toured and met with some of our parents. This was a great opportunity for our governing officials to meet us, see what we do and to hear the stories of our families. We have left an open invitation for any and all of our elected officials to do the same. We would particularly like to have Chip Limehouse and Jim Merrill visit us. If you know either of these SC statesmen, please invite them to come! The winds of change are blowing and we need to harness that energy for the good of our students!

As the school year moves into the last quarter, we will be working hard to ensure each student receives the best we have to offer. It is an exciting time at Trident Academy! I will close with the words of the immortal Pooh, “Hum dum dum ditty dum Hum dum dee!”

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