Lessons from Firefighters

Four Mt. Pleasant firefighters from Station 2 spent their morning with our students on Tuesday to talk about fire safety. Because everything we do is multi-sensory, some of our teachers were a little involved with the lessons.

FirefightersMs. Colby donned an over-sized firefighter’s suit as each component was explained in detail to the students. Once she was finished with the suit, one of our visitors demonstrated how quickly a firefighter can get dressed in the suit. Did you know that firefighters try to get fully dressed in their suit in fewer than 60 seconds?

Some teachers used the visit to introduce or reinforce concepts in their classes. For example, Ms. Bolen’s class practiced three-step instructions with, “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” Other classes used the experience to talk about remembering personal information in the event of an emergency.

Combining the lessons we teach in the classroom with presentations from our friends in the community is important to our teachers. Through multi-sensory instruction, our students are ever strengthening their skills and expanding their knowledge base. If you are interested in presenting to our students, please contact Nicole McLain, Trident Academy’s Program Director. You may reach her at nmclain@tridentacademy.com or 843.884.7046.

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