Lessons on the Go-Kart Track


Trident Academy’s Middle School students took physics out of the classroom when they visited Blackbeard’s Cove Family Fun Park to learn about force in motion. Science Teacher Julia Carter and Math Teacher Rhonda McKenna took 13 students on the multisensory field trip.

“We wanted to show them that what they do in their everyday life is connected to science,” says Carter.

First, the students timed the teachers as they raced on the go-kart track – they calculated speed to determine the winner. Then students had to find input and output values of three machines while playing putt-putt. Finally, they timed Carter as she made her way to the top of the climbing wall, then calculated her speed and acceleration.

“Our students learn best if they can apply what they are learning,” McKenna says. “Seeing us race around the track is a different experience than the classroom.”

“It was a good connection, it was fun and I am glad we learned it in the classroom first,” says Jack Beall.

Carter teaches her students by giving them an introductory hands on activity, followed by the lesson, and ends the unit with hands on activities that can help students connect the lesson.

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