1974: Memories from Blanche Brumley — as related by Betsy Fanning

Recently, on a rainy afternoon, I had a delightful time with former Trident Academy parent, Blanche Brumley. Mrs. Brumley had such fond memories of Trident Academy and the effect it has had on her daughters, Jane and Leigh. She talked of their school struggles before Trident. She remembered fondly the bus driver who picked up several Trident children in her neighborhood. She said he was so kind to her daughter, making sure that the older boys on the bus wouldn’t mess with her! She recounted driving carpool some days and the fun the children would have playing together. Of course, she mentioned driving through the graveyard to the two trailers that housed the school at that time. She loved the volleyball games, soccer and basketball, and the cheerleaders! She did say that the basketball team wasn’t very good, but they never gave up, always playing hard until the bitter end.

When asked for her favorite memory she really couldn’t pick one. She simply talked about how proud she was of her girls, their efforts and the teachers who taught them so well. She praised the Trident Academy teachers as the best ever! She talked about how touching graduations were. Everyone was in tears; tears of joy! When asked about her dreams for the future of Trident Academy, Mrs. Brumley said she hoped that it would become as popular as it used to be. The work that was started so many years ago is still needed and Trident Academy is the best place for children who have learning differences.

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