Movement and Learning Working Together

January 29, 2016

As I sit in my office on this beautiful, sunny, January morning, I am struck with how quiet it is in the halls. I venture out to see what’s happening. I stick my head into Mrs. W’s primary classroom and see lots of activity. Her charges are busily working at their desks, asking questions, moving about the room as needed. One little one asks if it would be ok to step out of the room to do jumping jacks. After 30 seconds, the student is back in the classroom working again.

I move through the gym where students are running off a bit of excess energy before heading back to class. They are excited to get back to their desks. There’s one young 3rd grader bouncing on the small trampoline in the hall, before bouncing back to class. I head down into the LEAD wing and find students manipulating letters, posting words on the boards and creating shaving cream novels on their tables.

I am struck with how orderly everything is; how our students thrive within the parameters we provide. We understand that our students need activity and structure. We understand that movement helps reset the brain and body to work together in the learning process. We provide ways for our students to “work out their wriggles” and continue learning without missing a beat!

As I head back to my office, I recognize that I, too, have the need for movement. I am energized and ready to tackle the next task!

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