Multisensory Math Training Course 2017

Multisensory Math Part I                                  Multisensory Math Part II

June 26-30                                                       July 3, 5-7
9:00am-4:00pm                                                   9:00am-4:00pm   

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Based on the Orton-Gillingham philosophy of teaching, Multisensory Mathematics I applies the research-based Concrete-Representation-Abstract (CRA) approach to teaching mathematics as advocated by the National Math Panel and the NCTM. Participants learn to apply this methodology in guiding students from foundation skills and numeracy to place value, operations, fractions and decimals. Participants learn to use manipulatives effectively to reinforce concepts, aid memory and enhance performance for all students. Strategies for helping students learn and retrieve math facts are stressed as well as structured procedures for computational accuracy. This approach is especially effective with students who learn differently, inclusion classes and ESL learners. The approach is effective for initial instruction as well as remedial work at all levels and is compatible with all curricula and programs.

Specific Course Outcomes Include:

• Participants relate instructional methodology to current research in mathematics
• Participants utilize concrete-representational-abstract approach in teaching concepts and procedures.
• Participants identify common learning characteristics of students with math deficits and utilize an appropriate diagnostic prescriptive approach to instruction
• Participants select appropriate manipulatives to use in instruction of fractions, decimals, Algebra concepts and operations and Geometry.
• Participants create effective multisensory lesson plans to introduce or reinforce math concepts and procedures.
• Participants demonstrate appropriate language strategies for addressing the needs of diverse learners.
• Participants analyze basic concepts and applications associated with a variety of operations and link appropriate language and instructional strategies to illustrate the underlying conceptual basis of those operations.
• Participants apply specific MSLE strategies to processing difficulties in complex math applications. These include: coding, structured procedures, pattern recognition, summarizing, simultaneous multisensory processing and graphic organizers.

Cost: $900 per course (includes math manipulatives and multisensory manual, $450 nonrefundable deposit due with registration.

The Multisensory Math II course, Strategies Secondary School Teachers, is a continuation of the evidence based multisensory math approach developed in the first course, Multisensory Math I, Strategies for Teaching All Kinds of Students. It offers multisensory strategies for reaching all kinds of learners in general education, inclusion and remedial settings. Topics include: Foundations Skills, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I Concepts and Skills, Geometry and Selected Topics in Algebra II.  Emphasis will be placed on hands-on learning with manipulatives prior to transitioning to more abstract representations and calculations.  Additionally, participants will learn about learning differences which impact mathematics including learning disabilities, second language learning and difficulties for at risk students. Precise instructional language is modeled along with tactile, kinesthetic, and visual activities.  A strategies manual accompanies the course.  This session will introduce a blended educational model in which participants will be asked to view introductory videos prior to the first day and then participate in hands on learning for specific course content.  Participants will also have access to additional instructional videos as part of this session.

Cost: $900 per course, $450 nonrefundable deposit due with registration.

Course Instructor: Marilyn Zecher, M.A., CALT
A nationally certified Academic Language Therapist and former classroom/demonstration teacher, Ms Zecher is a specialist in applying multisensory Orton-Gillingham based strategies to a variety of content areas. She trains nationally for The Multisensory Training Institute of the nonprofit Atlantic Seaboard Dyslexia Education Center in Rockville MD. A frequent presenter at regional and national conferences including IDA, LDA, & NCTM, Ms Zecher specializes in evidence based methods and interventions for all students but which are especially effective with students with learning difficulties in the fields of mathematics, written language and study skills. Her presentations incorporate O-G strategies, the principles of UDL, and recommendations from NCTM, The What Works Clearinghouse and the Common Core State Standards. She has developed the Multisensory Math Program and graduate level math methods courses for which she is the instructor. She also gives professional development workshops on multisensory applications in math, written language and study skills. She maintains a private practice supporting older students who have dyslexia and related learning differences in Rockville, Maryland. Ms Zecher is currently the president of the DC Capital Area Branch of the IDA.

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Marilyn Zecher

Marilyn Zecher

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