Nationally Recognized Educator to Train Faculty

A leading curriculum expert and seasoned educator with more than 35 years experience will spend a week with Trident Academy faculty before students return on August 13, 2012. Elizabeth Johnen, Ed.D. will lead a workshop and work with teachers one-on-one in the implementation of a revised curriculum.


Recognizing that a smooth transition is a shared goal between Trident faculty and parents, this year’s professional development focus will be to define curriculum standards based on the Common Core.


“What’s been interesting (but not unexpected) is how Trident Academy’s standards are already so closely aligned with the Common Core,” says Sandi Clerici, interim head of school for Trident Academy. “This allows Dr. Johnen help the faculty focus on Trident’s most important value – how we deliver those standards so that every one of our students is successful.”


Johnen has served at nearly every level from a classroom teacher and education specialist to associate dean of developmental education and head of school. She has instructed teachers on reading methodology as well as consulting on curriculum, technology, standards, and assessment. Johnen is also a popular speaker with more than 200 presentations under her belt, including “Services for Students with Disabilities… A Path Toward Success” and “Thinking Strategies, Comprehension Skills Through Listening and Reading.” She will publish “Borrowed Time” in Inspiring Voices in fall 2012.


“It is an incredible opportunity to have someone of Becky’s caliber work with our faculty,” Clerici notes. “It will give them an opportunity to have questions answered and to learn new strategies for working with students who have learning differences.”

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