Peggy Price Talks About Redesigning Curriculum

Teachers are the most important part of a child’s education – and they need to believe in what they are teaching! That’s why Trident Academy head of school Sandi Clerici asked faculty to align the curriculum with the Common Core (rather than taking a top-down approach). While many teachers have contributed, three Lower School teachers dove in and spent nearly three weeks of their summer collaborating and creating.

“As a new teacher to the Lower School, I am incredibly energized by the time I’ve spent working closely with Rhonda McKenna and Kathleen Loveland,” Peggy Price says. It has been a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on how each class can use and build upon research-based programs we are currently using, like Project Read’s Framing Your Thoughts and Math-U-See.”

The group’s focus was to analyze the Common Core Standards for grades three through six and determine the best ways to implement the standards using a multisensory and Orton-Gillingham based approach.

This group, and many LEAD teachers, also read Bringing Words to Life: Robust Vocabulary Instruction by Beck, McKeown, & Kucan. The book contains numerous strategies for selecting, introducing, practicing, and assessing vocabulary that can be used across all content areas. Price says she is excited about implementing strategies for vocabulary instruction from the seminal work.

It has been a busy summer of learning for Trident Academy teachers, as the school also provided the opportunity for teachers to participate in Project Read’s Story Form webinar. Story Form provides direct, explicit, and multi-sensory instruction for literature comprehension. It syncs very nicely with initiatives Trident Academy already has in place including Framing Your Thoughts, Project Read’s Report Form (expository text), and the Common Core Standards for Reading.

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