Primary Class is Involved in Learning

At Trident Academy, a K5-12 independent school for students with learning differences, lessons come to life. As part of their unit on the Barrier Islands of South Carolina, the primary class has measured and charted ten types of birds, seen demonstrations by the birds, and visited their native habitat.


“It is fun – and a challenge – to incorporate so many multisensory techniques in one lesson,” says Barbara Waterstradt, Primary Teacher at Trident Academy. “But it is so important. The hands-on activities are really what help the students to understand the concepts, plus we’re having fun while we’re learning.”


To learn about the birds, Waterstradt orally gave the students information on each type of bird. The students then recorded the information on a chart – a visual reference. They also looked at pictures of the birds sitting and flying to see the differences in their wings and flight styles. The pictures are posted throughout the classroom as reminders. The students also measured and drew the wingspan of the birds and recorded the height on a bar graph.


The students visited the Center for Birds of Prey to see a flight demonstration of the vultures, hawks, owls and falcons. Next the class took a boat trip to Capers Island, where they searched for signs of the birds and shells in their natural habitat that they have studied.


For more information, contact Barbara Waterstradt at 843.884.7046.

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