Sandhills School Flood Relief

I am so proud to be a Trident Academy Seahawk! Last month on October 23, I had the
pleasure of traveling with our Middle School students to Sandhills School in Columbia.
Sandhills is an OG school very much like us. They experienced water damage during
the flooding earlier in the month. At least two faculty members lost everything and some
students’ families had extensive damage as well. Trident Academy collected items and
delivered them to the school on Friday.
Here’s what we collected and delivered:
4 boxes of trash bags
25 containers of cleaning solutions (clorox, etc)
13 pairs of rubber gloves
25 pairs of disposable gloves
5 pairs of socks
11 items of clothing
49 rolls of toilet tissue
18 rolls of paper towels
3 mops
3 buckets
1 broom and dustpan
1 pack handiwipes
18 sponges
48 bottles of water
Gift cards & cash totalling $750
As a thank you, Anne Vickers, Head of Sandhills School, treated our group to ice
cream! Before heading back to Charleston students were able to run and play on the
Sandhills playground and feed the enormous carp in their pond! Mrs. Vickers
commented on Facebook, “ Thank you so much for taking great care of us. We will
always remain a strong team (Trident and Sandhills). You have a great school, and how
you helped Sandhills will never be forgotten. Together, we can do great things.”

By Betsy Fanning, Head of School, Trident Academy

Trident students about to load suppliesTrident students delivery of flood relief supplies

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