Seniors Go To Walt Disney World

The Trident Academy education goes beyond just books and classroom learning. It even goes beyond academics. A student who transitions from Trident Academy will have the social skills and critical thinking needed to succeed in another school, college, or career.

The senior class will be working on these social and critical thinking skills during their Senior Fun Trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. There is no academic focus, and the goal is to have fun, but students will also be learning. They will budget their own money and pay for all expenses throughout the trip. They will also be independent (in pairs) in the parks, but will be required to check-in with chaperones every hour through visual text messages (which will also serve as a memento of the trip).

“In a month, these students will be graduating from high school, and many will begin living on their own, so this is a step toward that responsibility,” says Science Teacher Julia Carter. “But, this is a great example of how learning responsibility can be fun!”

The students will spend two days in Walt Disney World Parks and one day at Universal Studios Florida. They’ll participate in the park’s Grad Bash from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. before heading back to school.


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