Social Motion Skills Founder to Speak

Wendy Dawson, founder and executive director of Social Motion Skills, will speak on January 28, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. at Trident Academy (1455 Wakendaw Rd., Mt. Pleasant, S.C.). This event is free and open to the public, but registration to is preferred.

Social Motion Skills grew out of the Dawson’s desire for their autism spectrum-diagnosed child to gain appropriate social skills so he could lead a happier, more independent life. They wanted to acknowledge their son’s value and credibility in the world, to instill in him positive human traits, and learn about and practice real-life social skills that could help him connect and interact with his peers, family and the world around him.

Social Motion Skills is for any child who functions near grade level and exhibits social integration difficulties. Social Motion Skills takes social skills beyond the talk. When social skills don’t come naturally due to a learning, language or cognitive difference, they can be learned through guided practice – a philosophy the Dawsons call Social Doing.

Social Motion Skills teaches children:

  • how to make friends and manage relationships
  • how to identify and manage emotions
  • how to build self esteem and assertiveness
  • pop culture awareness and peer trends
  • communication: verbal and sneaky non-verbal
  • how to understand and learn about intentions and interpretations

Wendy Dawson, from Houston, Texas, has a background in business development for energy corporations. She used her background in the emerging market of social skills and independent living skills training in the creation of Social Motion Skills. Wendy is active in her children’s schools, a Director of the Houston Bar Association Auxiliary and on the advisory boards of Safeway driving and Children’s Learning Institute (CLI).

Social Motion Skills classes are available in the Charleston area at Charleston Children’s Therapy Center, a team of highly-trained and licensed occupational, physical, and speech therapists who are dedicated to ongoing continuing education and the acquisition of advanced pediatric skills. For more information, call 843-569-4546.

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