The Importance of Field Trips

A familiar adage suggests that those who experience a lesson by doing it will far better remember the lesson. This concept – to help students experience their education – is at the root of many lessons at Trident Academy. Oftentimes, the lessons take our students off campus for a field trip. The lessons, however, may go far beyond science or history; for some of our students, field trips reinforce the vital skills necessary to function in a community.

“Typically, field trips are designed to reinforce lessons which are taught at school,” shares Courtney Thames, BCBA at Trident Academy. “This semester, teachers in the School for Asperger’s/HFA focus on lessons like community helpers and jobs within the community, how to follow group instruction, gross and fine motor development, conversation skills, and money.”

The Charleston Animal Society visits Trident Academy

The Charleston Animal Society visits Trident Academy

So far this semester, students in The School for Asperger’s/HFA have visited the Mt. Pleasant Post Office, the Boone Hall Pumpkin Patch, and the Charleston Animal Society. Upcoming field trips include going to the Library and to shops to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Before going to the post office, students spent two days writing letters to their pen pals who live in Rock Hill. They also learned how to address an envelope and how to mail it. “The trip to the post office allowed our students to put their knowledge into practice,” said Lauren Bolen, elementary school teacher. “It also allowed them to practice communicating with adults that are not familiar with who they are. The students also had to be aware of their surroundings, keep their bodies calm, voices quiet, and to stay with the group.”

The trip to the Charleston Animal Society was a big hit with our students. “The animal shelter visited us a week prior to our trip to talk about pet ownership, animal care, and animal safety,” shares Courtney Thames, BCBA. “On the field trip, the students met a dog with a physical disability and took a tour of the spay and neuter clinic where they learned about veterinary medicine.” The students were also introduced to a three-legged dog named Louie. “This was a fun way to show the kids that it’s ok to be different and even animals can have differences,” says Ms. Bolen.

Is your organization interested in hosting our students on a field trip? Let Nicole McLain know by sending her an email or calling 843.884.7046.

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