The Path Towards Re-Accreditation

Trident Academy is going through its dual, thorough, and rigorous national re-accreditation this year with SAIS (Southern Association of Independent Schools) and AdvancED (Advanced Education). Re-accreditation happens every five years and Trident Academy has spent the last year preparing.

The Lead Reviewer, Richard Wendlek, recently visited and toured our school; interviewed Board, staff, students; and reviewed our evidence of compliance to standards. In his email to Trident Academy, Mr. Wendlek stated, “My thanks to you for the great visit to Trident. Your attention to detail made my task far easier. I will report a green light to SAIS concerning Trident’s compliance with all standards. Once that communication is received, SAIS will identify a team for the visit. I will keep you apprised. Again, my sincere thanks for your preparation.”

The next step in the process is for his team to visit Trident Academy on January 26-27. It is very affirming that an outside professional who knows our population sees what we know to be great things happening for our students at Trident Academy. All of this is due to the care, dedication, and expertise of our faculty/staff, our Board, our parents, and our community. We sincerely thank you so very much for your support.

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