The Summer Stretch

It may be summer, but there is still a lot happening at Trident Academy! Students are participating in Orton-Gillingham tutoring and a summer program, social skills classes and even drama camp!

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Summer Enrichment is the signature summer program for The School for Language-Based Learning at Trident Academy. The Summer Enrichment program provides a short, intensive program of remediation through small group instruction. Classes are designed to remediate deficiencies as well as provide further development in reading comprehension, written expression, spelling and vocabulary, and mathematics using multi-sensory techniques. More about Summer Enrichment.

The School for Asperger’s/HFA at Trident Academy is hosting social skills groups by ABA Outreach, LLC. Students receive individualized social skills instruction from highly-trained ABA therapists, with daily communication progress on your child’s social skills goals and objectives. Nicole McLain, director of the School for Asperger’s/HFA says, “It has been fun to have these amazing providers and fun children in our facility! I have learned so much from them being in our hallways and using our classrooms that have helped with design of classroom structure and sensory room feedback!” Read more about the social skills groups.

A drama camp with the Crabpot Players is also being held at Trident Academy. The Crabpot Players was founded in the fall of and have produced and staged more than 140 productions all over the Southeast United States.

There are also many students taking advantage of our academic therapy tutoring sessions to fight summer brain drain. In academic therapy, Orton-Gillingham trained Trident Academy teachers are able to focus on the individual needs of the student in 1:1 tutorial sessions. A multi-sensory, structured and sequential approach is used in the teaching of reading, writing, or math. The academic therapist designs an ongoing diagnostic and prescriptive program for each student and provides progress reports and updates to parents. New students are currently being accepted for this program.


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