The Typical Primary School Class Experience

Mrs. W’s primary class is off to a great start. The children are learning to read, write, and spell at their individual levels through a variety of multisensory activities. From the simplest sound symbol relationship to more complex syllable division, the children are making connections and learning strategies that they can use for life.

All of the kids love reading about the Superkids. This is a phonetically controlled reading program that allows children to not only decode, but also practice comprehension skills. The stories are engaging and the characters all have their own unique personality. Each student has their own favorite character.

The kids also love to practice spelling in the fitness center. They spell their words while walking across the balance beam. Another popular way to practice spelling in Mrs. W’s class is by spreading random letters on the gym floor and having the students jump to the letters that spell their word.

In math, the class has been working on construction and deconstruction of numbers to increase numeracy. Concepts in math are introduced at the concrete level using manipulatives. Once the student is able to represent the concept with their own pictures, they move to the abstract level. This is the traditional number sentence on paper. Mrs. W’s class practices basic number facts daily to achieve automaticity.

In social studies, the students have been learning about communities. They have learned that laws are rules that everyone must follow. They know that obeying rules and laws are important to keep us safe. The class practiced roll playing situations showing what might happen if people didn’t follow the rules. Everyone in Mrs. W’s class loves roll playing. They all want to be the star.

In science, the class has been learning to think and act like a scientist. They have been observing, categorizing, sorting, estimating, measuring, and asking questions, just like a real scientist. The class has also learned that Johnny Appleseed was one of the first conservationist. He loved all things in nature and spent his life spreading that love to others. In honor of his birthday, September 26th, the class used their science class time to observe apples. They drew pictures, answered questions, and recorded data on four types of apples. The next day’s experiment was really fun because they were able to conduct a taste test to determine the most popular apple.

This year Ms. W’s class is partnering with the 5th/6th grade class to tend to the garden located just outside the gym entrance. With help from Miss Carter’s 5th/6th grade science class, Mrs. W’s class did some much needed trimming and weeding of the garden this week. Our class sponsored a dress down day to make money for mulch, supplies, and plants. When the weather becomes a little cooler, both classes will plant Pansies and bulbs and spread the mulch in preparation for the winter months. Both classes are going on a field trip soon to make purchases these items. The class is also very much looking forward to a trip to the Pumpkin Patch in October.

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