Trident Academy Reaches 100% Faculty & Staff Giving

In mid-September, Suzanne Knowlton and Courtney Thames, faculty members and Annual Fund Co-Chairs, enthusiastically launched the Faculty/Staff Campaign for the school’s 2014-2015 Annual Fund. Almost one month later, 100% participation from all of our employees had been achieved, in comparison to 97% from the previous year. The 100% goal was one that had been the primary objective of the campaign from the outset and was heartily endorsed by the Co-Chairs, as well as the faculty and staff. Knowing the importance of having every employee make his/her own commitment before approaching others in our Trident Academy family for philanthropic support of our school and our students, the faculty and staff swiftly made their pledges and gifts to reach the goal in short order.

Courtney explains her support and leadership of the campaign in this way, “I believe in Trident Academy because I have witnessed first-hand what it has done for our students. The teachers are able to reach students who would typically be looked over and passed by in a majority of schools. Our students are learning by using all of their senses and are able to make deeper connections to their students through that approach. Never have I been part of a school that is so united in helping their students be successful. It is a great thing to be a part of.”

Suzanne explains her commitment in similar terms, “After working here for six years, I have seen how our students respond to individualized, multi-sensory, customized teaching. For example, I’ve watched a particular student grow so much in confidence. I knew him first as a kindergartener in another school where I was working. He was timid, unsure, confused. I’ve literally watched him blossom here over the years.”

Steadfast belief in our school and our students is among the many reasons that all of our faculty and staff support the Annual Fund. In addition they also know that grant making organizations often look at percentage contributions from schools’ employees, trustees, as well as current parents when considering a grant application. Contributions from the groups closest to the school make a strong statement to foundations, corporations, and area businesses and encourage them to give as well.

We are grateful to each and every donor who has lead by example and already made a commitment to the campaign – we thank you for your dedication. Please make your commitment today, if you have not already done so. Every size gift is welcome. You may make your gift securely by clicking here. Thank you for helping us do even more for our students.

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