Tuition Support Program Increases by $150,000

Trident Academy, a nationally-recognized leader in educating K5-12 students with learning differences, has received an anonymous $150,000 restricted gift to the 2012-13 Tuition Support Program.


“We are thrilled to receive this generous gift as we appreciate that tuition affordability is a concern for all families, regardless of income,” says Headmaster Joe Ferber. “We place a high value on being an inclusive community as we strive to provide the highest quality services to students with learning differences from the Lowcountry and those who have relocated to Charleston from throughout the nation. By increasing our Tuition Support Program, we are able to maintain our economic diversity, which adds to the quality of our program and our student body. “


Currently, one-third of students at Trident Academy receive financial assistance. To determine the level of tuition support the school will provide, families are asked to submit a Parents’ Financial Statement to School and Student Services (SSS) of the National Association of Independent Schools, a trusted third party. SSS recommends, in an objective manner, the estimated family contribution to educational expenses. Trident Academy’s admissions decision for a student is based solely on the student’s learning profile and personal conduct.  Similarly, the Tuition Support Program is based only on the family’s demonstrated financial needs.


Trident Academy provides special education services and, therefore, payments to Trident Academy may be considered deductible medical care expenses under the Internal Revenue Code. 


For more information, contact Admissions Director Corbin Bettencourt at 843-884-3494 or

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