Upper School Students Take Leadership Role

Upper School students at Trident Academy are in a unique position. They are the oldest (and most mature!) students in a school that has students as young as five. This year, we are challenging our Upper School students to take a leadership role and become mentors to all the younger students.


“This can be their legacy to Trident Academy,” says Interim Head of School Sandi Clerici. “I’d love to see them create a structure and a feeling that is unique to Trident. The tone they set this year will guide how all students act in the future.”


Upper School students will be leading the daily announcements each morning. They will also be working closely with administration on projects and policies. Together they developed a new dress code for the Upper School and negotiated it with Clerici.


Each Upper School student will also have a buddy in the Lower School. This will help the different academic divisions become engaged with each other. It will also help to incorporate Lower School students in activities – like athletics. Many Lower School students already attend volleyball or basketball games after school, but more may be interested when their buddy is playing.


“I really think this is a win-win situation,” Clerici adds. “The younger students look up to the Upper School students and this way we’re creating a relationship between them, where hopefully the older students will guide the younger ones. They’ve all faced many of the same academic struggles, so the older students may be able to give advice that parents or even teachers may not.”

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