Waiting List Grows for The School for Asperger’s/HFA

Since opening in August 2013, The School for Asperger’s/HFA at Trident Academy has reached its classroom capacity and now has a waiting list for admission.

“Many families in the Lowcountry needed a school that would help their child become a successful learner, but no school offered a program that met the educational needs of a child with High Functioning Autism,” says Kathy Cook, Trident Academy Head of School. “Statistics indicate that diagnoses of autism are on the rise which means that many more families will need relief, support, and hope for their children. Our Board recognized the need and acted to start a program. Trident Academy is proud to be that provider to the Charleston metro area.”

The School for Asperger’s/HFA currently serves students in kindergarten through third grade. Next year, fourth and fifth grade classes will be added. Classes are capped at eight students each, which explains the growing wait list for admission.

Students who started the program in August have demonstrated significant academic, emotional, and behavioral growth. This growth can be attributed to the Core Competencies that define the program. Teachers and therapists help students strengthen skills in: imitation and attending, behavior, community readiness, social skills, play and leisure, concept formation, and self help.

“Our program is tailored to each student, and the Core Competencies help us build what is truly an individualized program,” says Nicole McLain, Director of The School for Asperger’s/HFA. “The students’ progress and growing waiting lists are a true reflection of the hard work of our families and expert staff.”

The community response to the School for Asperger’s/HFA has been overwhelming since it was announced on March 5, 2013. In fact, there was such demand, that before the school even opened in August, an additional grade (third) was added in May. Admission inquiries have been received from as far as New York and Ohio, and enrolled students come from North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

Learn more about the School for Asperger’s/HFA and start the application process.

For more information, contact Niki Leiva at 843.884.3494 or nleiva@tridentacademy.com.

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