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Head's Message

Head of School Betsy Fanning

Dear Future Friends and Family,

It is my honor and privilege to lead extraordinary educators and learners at Trident Academy. As an Orton-Gillingham-infused school, we experience success every day.

At Trident Academy we live out four time-tested core values:

  • Meet Individual Needs
    • We provide each student with opportunities for successful learning at their pace and at their level.
  • Promote Academic Growth
    • We empower students to become self-advocates who understand their strengths, learning styles, and the value of continual improvement.
  • Provide Encouragement and Support  
    • In an environment of mutual cooperation and respect, our students begin to embrace past challenges and learn to enjoy school again.  
  • Build a Foundation for Life
    • By addressing deficits, teaching strategies, and strengthening stamina, we prepare students for successful transitions to a variety of learning environments.

A Day in the Life of a Trident Academy Student

As parents pull into our drop-off zone, students jump out of their cars, sometimes before they have come to a stop. They smile and often say a quick “Hello” as they dash across the gym to find their friends. After a quick morning meeting, students head to their homerooms to start their day. 

They rotate through math, science, English language arts, and social studies classes. They eat lunch in our breezy courtyard and head to the playground for recess. They participate in PE, art, music, social skills, and library classes. And they go to what many say is their favorite class: OG (Orton-Gillingham). Students know that OG helps them become better readers and writers.

Our students quickly recognize the difference in the way our teachers teach. Teachers meet them where they are and help them move to where they need to be. Students relax and know that, in our safe environment, they can take the risks needed for growth.

Enjoy perusing our website; come for a visit to see the action first-hand; subscribe to our weekly newsletter to get a feel for what happens each week at our school.

I look forward to meeting you!



Betsy Fanning has been Trident Academy's Head of School since 2015.


Head of School Betsy Fanning with a lower school student.
Trident Academy exterior
Lower School students on the playground