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Transition from Trident

A student in a science class

Trident Academy is committed to preparing our students at all levels of the school for transition to the next phase of their lives.

Lower School

Most students who enroll in Trident's Lower School are able to transition back to a more traditional educational environment. Because each child is different, it's impossible to predict how long it will take for a student to be ready for this transition. One year at Trident will not "fix" a child's learning difference. The "sweet spot" for a stay at Trident tends to be three to four years, ideally followed by a planned transition year. 

Middle School

Our Middle School students are preparing for the transition to high school, whether at Trident or at a more traditional school. Some students who enroll in Trident's middle (6th through 8th) grades are able to return to a more traditional school, while others remain at Trident through their high school graduation.

High School

Our teachers, administrators, and counselor work closely with Trident's high school students and their families to prepare them for the next steps in their lives, whether that involves college or the career path. Trident's high school curriculum meets all requirements for a South Carolina high school diploma.

The Transition Year

A planned transition year makes the return to a more traditional school (whether in lower, middle, or high school) go much more smoothly. During a transition year, Trident's teachers and administrators will ensure that a student experiences an increased workload to prepare them for the transition, and the student will receive accommodations similar to what the next school can provide.